Beyond Limits proudly presents what’s behind the brand Ossidabile.

Each one of our jewels is handmade with the ancient technique called “lost wax” process.


The oxidation becomes a metaphor of life and passage of time. Each product transforms itself to be unique on the person who’s wearing it.

We do this by enhancing knowledge in craft tradition in our territory with care, passion and creativity..

Ossidabile is the union of a drop with a spiral.

Ossidabile is a pendant to wear, a symbol of time, living material that modifies changing appereance and surfaces.

The pendants are made in bronze and tarnish in contact with your skin, turning with the passing of time into a unique jewel.



OSSIDABILE ! The making of

We understand the oxidation, the transformation of the material, as a metaphor with a much higher meaning: the transformation of an ideal into a solid action.

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