The time has come to act. Oceans need to be plastic free.
As divers, we love and respect the underwater world, including everything in it. This is a fundamental and core element of our passion; but the seas and oceans ask us to do more. The time has come to act. We have adopted concrete measures to reduce unnecessary plastic in our company, and share the message with employees, collaborators and suppliers.

To safeguard what we love most, we must do our part to preserve all bodies of water, especially for those who follow in our footsteps, including future generations. Oceans need to be plastic free.
This is our commitment, and why we are part of Blue Oceans.

What changes is Mares making?

Our main area of focus is currently on our plastic packaging, and we are dedicated to employing innovative solutions to reduce unnecessary packing materials, replacing them with more eco-friendly alternatives.

Just taking a look at our neoprene products, we have now almost completely passed to eco packaging, with all wetsuits available in bags made from 80% corn, accessories provided in corn bags, with card hangers or mesh bags, and many undersuits now provided in recyclable cardboard boxes.

We must do our part to preserve all bodies of water. Oceans need to be plastic free

These changes are not only applicable to our wetsuits and accessories, but are changes we have made throughout our product lines. Watch this space for more!

Our core values and dedication are shared by our friends at Scuba Schools International, our partners in Blue Oceans.

Imagine the possibilities and peace of mind...designing your promotional banners or sliders, or entire product modules that only show up on specific dates and are disabled automatically whenever you don't need them anymore. 

These are just a few of the outstanding features available in the new Journal 3 framework, there are so many new options and possibilities that it will takes us a very long time to list them all.

SSI Blue Oceans


To find out more, and to register for a Blue Oceans study program, please visit the BLUE OCEANS website.